Actors and stage managers on tour deserve the benefits and protections of an Equity contract.

Broadway magic doesn’t happen on stages across the country without the talent and hard work of the performers who bring audiences to their feet. While many touring productions are marketed as “direct from Broadway,” the protections and rights artists have in a Broadway production don’t always carry over when that show goes on the road.

Life in the theater is a professional career. After the curtain goes down, actors and stage managers support families, pay off debt, require health insurance and save for retirement — just like all of us.

On Broadway, performers and stage managers work under Actors’ Equity contracts, which means they are paid fairly, have good benefits, and are protected against unfair treatment.

On the road, working under an Equity contract means actors and stage managers aren’t going it alone.

An ensemble member who injures himself dancing has access to health benefits to get back on his feet. An actor who has traveled for hours on a bus knows she will have time to rest before she gives her all on stage in a new city. Cast members are protected against unreasonable performance demands that strain their bodies and voices or travel itineraries that run them ragged.

Seem like standard protections? Only under Actors’ Equity contracts.

Every night, every performance, actors and stage managers on tour give audiences their all. Show your support for the artists who travel the country to bring Broadway to you. If it’s not Equity, it’s not Broadway.

Every time you buy a ticket for a “Broadway” tour: Ask If It’s Equity!



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