“Ask If It’s Equity” is a national online campaign to raise awareness among audiences about the importance of Equity tours.

While many touring productions are marketed as “direct from Broadway,” the protections and rights artists have in a Broadway production don’t always carry over when that show goes on the road. Performers and stage managers on Broadway work under Actors’ Equity contracts, which provide fair pay, benefits, and job protections.

The campaign encourages audiences of Broadway touring productions to support actors and stage managers by always “asking if it’s Equity” when they purchase tickets to a tour billed as “Broadway.”


“Ask If It’s Equity” points out producers and presenters who mount and market non-Equity tours as “Broadway.”

“Ask If It’s Equity” challenges presenters’ and producers’ attempts to brand non-Equity tours as “Broadway” by speaking directly to audiences about the difference in rights and protections for actors and stage managers on an Equity tour.


“Ask If It’s Equity” is part of Equity’s ongoing efforts to confront the challenges of the touring market and strengthen working conditions on the road.

Equity is committed to continuing to raise standards for actors and stage managers on tour. “Ask If It’s Equity” meets local audiences of Broadway touring productions where they are – online and on social media – to talk to them directly about the importance to actors and stage managers of tours going out under Equity contracts.

Increased public attention to the working conditions of artists on tour helps incentivize presenters and producers to present and produce Equity tours.

Total compensation, rights and protections for performers in Equity touring productions far surpasses non-Equity tours, allowing them to take care of themselves and their families.

Total compensation on Equity tours – including access to health benefits, pension contributions, and rights that protect Equity members from unreasonable performance and travel schedules or guarantee them paid sick and vacation time – greatly exceeds non-Equity tours. Some producers of non-Equity tours pay the same or even a slightly higher weekly salary than Equity touring productions to try to mask the fact that actors and stage managers aren’t getting the benefits and protections they deserve. Non-Equity tours can then cut costs by imposing unreasonable schedules that don’t allow actors time to rest and recuperate, or by offering inferior benefits or none at all. They are making money on the back of performers.


Ask If It’s Equity” is pushing for protections and fair treatment for all actors and stage managers on tour.

“Ask If It’s Equity” is not about pitting actors against actors – it’s about actors challenging presenters and producers who bill non-Equity tours as “Broadway” without providing performers with the rights and benefits of an Equity contract. It goes without saying that there are many talented performers in non-Equity productions – and all Equity members started out non-Equity!

Equity taking back control of the road raises standards for all actors and stage managers on tour – in Equity and non-Equity productions alike.


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