Many touring productions are marketed as “direct from Broadway” – but performers and stage managers on Broadway work under Actors’ Equity contracts, which provide fair pay, benefits, and job protections. And that means actors, every performance, can give you their all.

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Why Equity matters
when i’m on Tour


Selena Moshell

The Lion King

Being an Equity member on tour means that no matter what theater I am performing in that week, I know that my rights as a performer are being protected. While the cities may change, the protection of being a part of Equity remains the same.


Ryan Link


Equity makes a difference because I know hours and wages will be fair, travel will be safe and guaranteed, and there’s no risk of a production leaving its actors high and dry in the event of an unforeseen closure.


Sam Lips


Being on the road is not an easy life. As an Equity member, I find comfort in being protected from unsafe and unreasonable working conditions, so I can stay focused on staying healthy. Equity keeps me jumping through that hoop every night.


Matt DeAngelis


While on the road, it’s great to have Equity’s support. Having restrictions and protections about rest time, travel schedules, accommodations, rehearsals, and days off while on tour helps all of us perform at our best.


Storm Lineberger

The Phantom of the Opera

Without the protections Equity has afforded me and my colleagues, I could not consistently perform to the best of my ability while on the road.  They have created a working environment that is conducive to consistently great work.


Trisha Jeffrey


I value being Equity when I’m on the road because I know that my voice is being heard onstage and offstage, no matter what the issue, no matter what city I’m in.


Billy Tighe

The Book of Mormon

Traveling for work is tough for anyone. Equity makes a difference by setting rules and regulations that keep me protected and safe everyday I’m on the road. Being an Equity member means I get to focus on my work and feel protected while I’m doing it.


Matthew J. Kilgore


Equity makes a huge difference on the road! AEA provides rules regarding how we travel, how long we can travel, the quality of the places we stay while making sure the venue I perform in is safe. As an Equity actor, I am thankful that each week I work I earn weeks toward my health insurance, my pension, and my retirement.


Anne Kanengeiser

The Phantom of the Opera

When audiences pay top dollar to attend Equity-cast touring productions, they will experience the very best display of seasoned professionals on the stage. As a proud Equity member, it is important that the consumer understands they have a choice.


Scott Moreau

Million Dollar Quartet

Actors’ Equity Association has been looking out for our interests and safety at every turn and is always making sure we are being taken care of.  Touring is hard enough.  Having my union behind me every step of the way is what makes it easier.


Tony Freeman

The Lion King

One of the many benefits of being in Equity when you’re on the road is PEACE OF MIND! You KNOW you will be taken good care of and will be allowed to work, live, and travel in good and safe conditions! And if anything unexpectedly DOES go wrong, you know the union has your back.


Christopher Howard

The Phantom of the Opera

I value being an Equity member while on the road because I know I am protected.


Sam Zeller

Kinky Boots

As Equity tour members, we work very hard. The union and the rules that protect us allow us to have a career and to have the necessary life to rest and recover so we can do eight shows a week.  We make continuous sacrifices to be away from home, and we should be protected and compensated for our hard work and worth.

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